Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Now open 7-days-a-week – noon to 11pm

Do you offer brewery tours?

Not in the traditional sense of a weekly or bi-weekly “tour” (usually 2-3 hours long including a few pints and a glass). We have a large taproom at our brewery that’s open 7 days-a-week (see above for hours). ALL of the beer served in our taproom is created and brewed just behind the bar in our brewery area which is view-able from the taproom. If you wish to tour our brewery area, ask someone at the bar, if someone is available we would be happy to give you the inside scoop on our craft.

Do you have food available?

We do not offer a food menu. We have menus from local restaurants who will deliver for free (or they are literally across the street). You are also welcome to have food delivered to the taproom or you can bring it with you.

Are you dog/pet friendly?

We love pets, we have some furry family members ourselves. We welcome chill pets on the patio, just please keep them leashed and with you. There is even this –

Are kids or under 21 allowed?

Yes. We are family friendly up until around 9pm or so. We have a few non-alcoholic options available as well.

Can I rent out space for a private event?

Yes! We have a variety of options available, from renting out the entire taproom, renting out the brewery area or simply setting up a group event. Contact Matt Gurley at

Can I reserve a picnic table(s) for a party?

We can, with some exceptions. If the party is on a Friday or Saturday late afternoon/evening, it’s tough for us to guarantee a table (considering those are our busy hours) – but we will certainly do our best. Contact Matt Gurley at

Can I buy beer to-go from the brewery?

YES! We now offer beer-to-go direct from the brewery in 20L Kegs, 64oz Growlers, 32oz Crowlers and six-packs! Available anytime the taproom is open, always fresh and zero max limits on how much you can get.

If you have a party or a kegerator – our 20L Kegs (676 ounces or about 42 full 16oz pours) are ideal! Zero deposits, zero returns – simply drop in a recycle bin when it’s done.

Where can I find your beer?

Either right here in the taproom or at more than 3000 locations throughout Texas.

Do you offer anything other than beer?

We have a large selection of non-alcoholic options as well as Wine, Cider and Mead.

Can I bring my own beer/wine?

No. We are not permitted to have ANY alcoholic beverages at the brewery other than what we produce or sell on-site.

Do you have live music?

We do, every Saturday we host local talent on our taproom stage. Check out our calendar for a listing.

Do you allow smoking?

Per the city of Fort Worth ordinance, we do not allow smoking inside and are limited outside where we are able to allow smoking. We do have no smoking signs where it’s not allowed. Essentially it’s no smoking within 20ft of the patio doors.

Do you offer flights of your beer?

We have a custom flight (any 4 beers on-tap). Here is a list of what is currently on tap.

How can I get your brew at my bar/restaurant?

We are represented in Texas by several distributors. Contact us at and let us know your location information.

Are you hiring?

We are a pretty slim team considering the amount of beer we produce, we are not currently hiring but will post when we are looking for another great person to join our team.

Do you need volunteers?

Rarely and on a case-by-case basis.

Are you a brewpub or a brewery?

We hold a brewpub license. We distribute beer outside of our brewery in kegs and cans along with offering small-batch taproom only brews and beer-to-go through our taproom.

Can I ride my bike to the brewery?

Uhm, yea. We are maybe the most bike friendly place you are going to find. The brewery was founded on a bike ride. We don’t have bike parking on the street, we encourage you to bring your bike up onto the patio. If you have a large group, we will open up the brewery area for bike parking. We offer $1 off your tab if you ride a bike to the brewery (available anytime the taproom is open).

How long have you been open?

We began distributing beer in the summer of 2016 and officially opened the taproom in late November 2016.

How did you get started?

Maybe the best way to say it is to show it. Check this out.

Seriously, what spices are in the Feisty Blonde?

Seriously, we don’t add spices – just Orange Blossom Honey, Raw Mexican Brown Sugar and Pure Mexican Vanilla 🙂

Seriously, are you going to can the <insert beer here>?

We would love to! We are always working to launch new, interesting craft beer in cans.

Do you really use graham crackers in the Fur Slipper?

Yup, honey graham crackers. We add 60 pounds of them to each batch of the Slipper.

How long did it take to build the brewery?

We initially got into our building in July of 2015 – so it took about one and half years of blood, sweat and tears after that to realize our dream.