It's all about the experience!

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do at HopFusion Ale Works. We are excited by innovation and art, and we decided to fuse those concepts into our brewery.


Our founders, Macy Moore and Matt Hill, are passionate about both. They firmly believe that craft brew is an experience, not just a beer. It’s about community and friends.


Macy and Matt both began their award-winning craft brew journey as home brewers, with over two decades of experience between them. Macy developed a passion for the art of light-bodied ales, while Matt’s passion tends towards the darker-bodied ales and barleywines.


On a Night Riders bicycle ride one very cold December night in 2014 they were sitting at the bar in Malones Pub (just about ¼ mile from where the brewery would end up) envisioning a brewery and taproom that would one day become HopFusion Ale Works. Some of the ideas they talked about that very first night are now incorporated into the brewery. One idea we believe in - no head brewers or "brew-masters". Our beers are crafted and brewed by our entire team through a collaborative effort within the brewery . We believe this allows us to create a wide-breadth of styles and concepts while avoiding the "they are all basically the same" beers that can happen with a single person defining the style.


They knew right from the start they wanted to be in the Near Southside. In fact, they never looked anywhere else. They found the location on Broadway in May of 2015 and set out on what they thought would be a rather short adventure to turn an abandoned warehouse into a functioning brewery and taproom. More than 18 months later, after a lot of blood, sweat, tears and a whole bunch of help from family and friends, HopFusion opened the doors to the taproom on November 25th, 2016.


Since that day, we have grown considerably. We’ve won many national and international beer awards, been voted as the best Brewery in Fort Worth multiple times and are now distributed to over 3500 locations in Texas. We are feel incredibly blessed to be on this journey but one thing remains true - we LOVE to see the smile on someones face when they first walk into our brewery and try one of our creations.